The Interview: First rehearsal

My god, that graphic. Would you look at that graphic? Beautiful.

Navel-gazing aside, I met Deborah Martin and Adam Lauver (the INTERVIEWER and INTERVIEWEE, respectively) last night while witnessing? presiding over? whatever it is a playwright does during a rehearsal of his or her play. Mostly what I did was watch and listen, and I'm so glad I did.

You guys, they were so good. As written, I think the play has some really funny moments and a bit of heart. As performed by them last night, it was actually hilarious and even poignant. The choices they were making were so, so funny. They found moments to play with that, in my mind, were just words on their way to an entirely different moment. By Thursday (the final rehearsal) I have every confidence that they will have elevated the material far above anything I could have imagined.

Which is exactly what I had hoped for. The play is written in a way that Olivia, the director, calls "actor-friendly." I didn't include many stage directions because I wanted to give the actors and director a lot of room to explore. Even in the casting of it, either role could be male or female. This is why I love theaterthe script is only the first piece of the play. It's what everyone does with the script that makes it a play. 

And if I can say so (this website has my name on it, so I guess I can), it's going to be a great play. Tickets for this Sunday's Boston Theater Marathon can be purchased here!