Missives from a sun-drenched state

...It's summer! Summer in May! Confusing but sunny! 

We got extra winter, like two days that could be legally considered "spring," and today it was hot, man. Still early May, and summer-hot. 

I predict fall in July, and then back to winter again by August. 

So, yes, fine, people from New England talk about the weather endlessly. But if you live here, I know that you too see it as a source of constant wonder. What will it do today? Huh, I guess it rained rabbits. That's weird, right? Why on earth did it do that?! Oh, tomorrow it's going to be chrysalis shells. Not baby butterfliesthey're already gone. No one knows where, but yeah. Just the shells.

The weather, man. The weather.

In other news! I finished all six of my books for Hallmark: they range from Now You're 30! to Now You're 80!, and they'll hopefully be at your local Gold Crown store sometime this fall-ish. Don't hold me to this. That's a completely baseless estimate based on things I think, not things I know. But I'm looking forward to seeing how they came out! My editor and I put a lot of work and love and also work into these.

On the playwrighterly front, my one-minute plays are going like hotcakes! (Terrible metaphor. There is not a finite number of times they can be performed. And what the willy is a hotcake, even? An olden-time pancake?) I just learned that five of them (two of them world premieres!) will appear as part of Youth Education On Stage's One-Minute Play Festival this July (7th, 8th, and 9th). That's in Williston, North Dakota, and if you live nearby you should go and support kids doing theater. (And afterwards spoil me with praise, false or no.) (And also the kids, I guess.)

This Sunday I'll be seeing the Boston Theater Marathon, and the day before ("Saturday," in the vernacular) I'll be seeing at least part of the Warm-Up Laps, which will also feature another one-minute play world premiere of mine! I'm particularly excited to see this one performed. It's a musical. A one-minute musical. Oh yes.

Lastly, I'm a little late in bragging about this, but because I waited there's now a video, the world premiere of yet another of my one-minute plays: The Successful Author's Morning Ritual.

I had imagined it performed by just one person, but they got all creative and used a bunch of people! I selfishly started the embedded video right where mine starts, but if you're a one-minute play aficionado you should definitely watch the whole show. 

Lastly, in light of all the very-short-play heat I'm experiencing right now, I've updated the "One-Minute Plays" section of my website with new production information and (and!) the plays themselves. You need merely click their titles, and hilarity awaits you in one-minute chunks.

"Chunks." Mmmm...

Enough about me. What's going on with you? What's news? How about that weather, huh?!