An entire evening of theatre with my name on it! And other braggy things.

This upcoming Monday, November 16th, a mere four days from now, will bear witness to several momentous events:

  1. Rockin' Fitness, previously Planet Fitness, will yet again bill me for $15 because to cancel one's membership involves a notarized letter and the blood of a middleborn child and I just haven't done it yet, okay?;
  2. Roman Emperor Tiberius will be celebrating his two-thousand and fifty-sixth birthday (Felix natalis, Imperator!); and
  3. Colour of Fruit Productions will debut the world premiere of my full-length evening of shorts: HOW WE LIVE NOW.

I don't want to give Rockin' Fitness or T-bone short shrift, but it's really the third item I want to tell you about. (I hope that's okay.)

So! HOW WE LIVE NOW (an evening of comedy on a nebulous theme) contains several of my more popular short plays, including The Interview, The Formative Years, and Going Viral, as well as a number of short works (some of them very short) heretofore unknown to theatre-going audiences! In all, the evening comprises eleven plays that sometimes bravely and always strangely tackle the struggle of being alive today: life, love, and Facebook "likes."

As plane tickets to Reading, England, are unfortunately not in the budget (I have this gym membership I no longer use but still pay for, remember), I'm sending my best wishes and ardent hopes for broken appendages (legs are traditional, but please follow your instincts) to the cast and crew of HOW WE LIVE NOW: director Lauren Donoghue and her zany team of talented actor types Alexander Britt, Flora Thomson, David Gurney, and Arianna Beadie. You're going to be great, despite the questionable material. :-)

Other news, which I will keep brief because you've read quite enough already, haven't you?

Lastly... the new Star Wars is out soon, and I think I'm optimistic? I am. Obi-Wan help me, I am.