The LIC Fest semifinals and Spokane Stage Left's Fast & Furious

My girlfriend and I went down to New York this past weekend to visit with friends and also catch my short play GOING VIRAL at the Secret Theatre's Long Island City One Act Play Festival.

I just saw "cycle A," which was only one-third of the whole, but from this alone I was really impressed by the festival. Usually with ten or so short plays you'll get a couple good ones, one great one, a few that make you go "huh," and four or five that make you grimace. (Your mileage may vary.) But I enjoyed every play I saw, including, of course, mine, which... can I brag?... was so good, you guys. The actors had great chemistry and they/the director found many subtle and hilarious moments to play with. I was so proud of them that I smiled and then skulked past them in the lobby without introducing myself, for I am sometimes shy in these situations.

Anyway, I guess the audience agreed, because GOING VIRAL is going to the semifinals! Discounted tickets ($7.50!) are here if you find yourself in New York this Friday, January 31st, without plans:

In related news, a one-minute play I wrote, MARKETING PARTNERS, is going to appear at Spokane Stage Left's Fast & Furious Festival this Friday and Saturday, January 31st and February 1st.

The cast will feature Joni Elizabeth, Leslie Ann Spencer, Steve Kane, and Jason Young, and if they can pull off this play in one minute or less I will be very, very impressed.

This Friday evening will mark the first time that two plays of mine are being performed on the same night. That deserves a drink, right?