Going Viral in the Short+Sweet Queensland Finals

Huh! Looks like Going Viral will be competing in the finals at Short+Sweet Queensland this September. Big congrats to the cast and crew—wish I could be there!

The monthly braggadocio roundup: August 2014 (now with pictures!)

I mean, August's only just begun, but I'm posting this in August, so...? Whatever. It's the August roundup!

So many things: My girlfriend and I flew down to Carrboro, North Carolina (there's supposed to be a comma here but I've always hated that rule so screw it) last month to attend The ArtsCenter's 10 by 10 in the Triangle, where we got to meet some of the show's cast and crew as well as four of the other playwrights. The whole writing thing is a pretty solitary art, so it was great to compare notes with others who are up to similar shenanigans.

Left to right: ME!, Corey Rieger, Bridget Erin, Elaine Smith, and Jordan Rawlins.

Left to right: ME!, Corey Rieger, Bridget Erin, Elaine Smith, and Jordan Rawlins.

While there, I saw my third production of Going Viral. I love all the different nuances each production brings. This one featured the first male "child" character (Jorge Donoso) and had a remix of David After the Dentist as the intro song. Great. And the parents (David Berberian and Page Purgar) were a riot.

Two weeks later, I got to see a production of The Formative Years for the first time. It was part of the Artists' Exchange's 9th Annual One Act Play Festival, and they nailed it. The director, Jessica Bradley, added some great musical and physical business that really sold the fastidious, finicky world of these crazy people I created. Their total commitment to the insane wold of these "parents" made the piece even funnier than I could have hoped.

Michael Shallcross and Meg Taylor-Roth. Please note the hand sanitizer on the bedstand. Heh.

Michael Shallcross and Meg Taylor-Roth. Please note the hand sanitizer on the bedstand. Heh.

Coming up, the Suffield Players will feature two of my plays (The Interview and The Formative Years) as part of their New Faces 2014 show this month. Behold! Promotional material:

New Faces Formative Years Collage.jpg

Then, this fall, Going Viral goes overseas to London for Playground: A New Writing Showcase, to Australia for Short+Sweet Queensland, and to Tasmania for Short+Sweet Hobart and the Deloraine One Act Festival. That last one will actually be the first festival I didn't have to submit to—the actors from Short+Sweet Hobart's production contacted me to ask if they could also do the show in Deloraine. It'll be two grandparents and their granddaughter, which certainly marks the first time that an actual family has performed Going Viral! Wish I could see it.

And I think that's enough bragging for now. Here's my favorite thing on the internet or anywhere.

Round two!

Only two hours until August 1st, and you know what that means...!

Summer is basically over.

BUT ALSO! It means that tomorrow is day one of my second 31 Plays in 31 Days attempt. As I did last year, I'll be posting the plays as I finish them (hopefully one each day, but let's be honest here). If you're in to that sort of thing, you can follow along at home by navigating to "31 Plays in 31 Days" through the "Writing! For you to read!" tab on the left of this website.

Or just click here. Enjoy!

31 more plays in another 31 days

To date, 9 of my 31 plays from last year's 31 Plays in 31 Days effort have been produced and/or published (some of them multiple times!). As I'd be a fool not to attempt this challenge every August for the rest of my life, I will of course be doing it again this year.

But also! I agreed to help them out with collecting the daily prompts they send out every morning to get those brain juices sloshing:

We’re now soliciting suggestions for prompt ideas. If you have prompts that you would like to share with the playwrights participating in this year’s 31 Plays in 31 Days Challenge, please email them to Brandon Crose, one of our prolific playwrights from last year who is creating this year’s prompts. He can be reached at brandon.crose @ gmail.com (remove the spaces). Please include your name and, if selected, we’ll acknowledge your contribution on our website in August.

Surrender your prompts to me! All of them. Yes. Yesss...

I think this is a great project—I can't overstate how instrumental it's been in my development as a playwright. So who's joining me this year?